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76th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company H
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   The 76th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company H is a Civil War Reenactor group based in Otsego County New York.  Although many of its members are Otsego County residents several members are from other areas of the state and country!  Our unit is led by Gary Thompson.
  The 76th reenactors attempt to portray Company H of that regiment whose original members were all Otsego County residents.  Many (if not all) of the members of the original company H were from Cherry Valley.

  The Company attends many events both near and far.  Members are often seen at nearby events such as the Ben Newton Memorial Reenactment at Newtown Battlefield Reservation in May or at Gettysburg in Pennsylvania!  We also appear at The Cherry Valley Memorial day parade every year.
  We hold regular drills every winter to increase safety on the field and to make our portrayal of the fine men of the original 76th as realistic as possible.  We are also a "Progressive" unit, meaning that we continually look for ways to improve our impression.

  76th at Elmira
Captain Thompson addressing Company H

  If you would like to find out more about the original 76th NYSVI or about our reenacting unit please click the links below:

Send a note to the Captain Thompson

View our Drill Schedule!  COME SEE US!

View our Event Schedule!  COME SEE US!

Click here to view the Regimental Record of the 76th.  This is essentially a list to where the regiment fought.

Click here to go to Matt Nelson's site on the 76th.

Click here to view the site at  This site has a large amount of information and pictures involving the original 76th.

Click here to go back to's index page and browse the Living History News.  Here you will find article on the units' adventures, both the original 76th and the reenactors!

Capt, Michelle and Vinny


Click on the Private Below for the 76th New York Volunteer Regimental Record

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New York Volunteer Music
Soldiers on parade


Rally 'round the Flag

Please visit Matt Nelson's site displaying our reenacting unit.  Matt has lists of resources for you to use for research or for getting into the rewarding hobby of Civil War Reenacting.

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