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121st New York Volunteer Infantry

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  Are you a history buff or Reenactor?  Are you a teacher or a student of history?  Have you ever been interested in Living History or Reenacting?  If you have then you have come to the right place!  Here at we ooze history.
  On this website you will discover the 76th New York Volunteer Infantry reenactment group.  The 76th NYVI was a regiment raised in several counties of Upstate New York.  They fought in nearly every major eastern campaign of the Civil War.  Here you will find links as to the 76th's history, reenactment events, articles and links.  If you are a School District and would like to request information about some of us visiting your school for a Living History class you will find the Request Form here.  If you are interested in receiving information in joining the 76th you will find that here as well.
  Also on our site you will find information on the 121st New York Volunteer Infantryy regiment.  These men had the nickname of "Upton's Regulars" and were a colorful and hard fighting bunch.
  The units we are striving to cover are mainly those which contained men from Otsego County, NY and the surrounding counties of Upstate New York.  In the future we hope to cover the 6th New York Cavalry and the 4th New York Heavy Artillery.
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  76th New York Volunteer Infantry "The Cortland Regiment"

121st New York Volunteer Infantry "Upton's Regulars"

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